Friday, December 31, 2004

Star Ocean: TtEoT

I just wanted to say, that while my brother has been endlessly clamoring it in front of my face that Shadow Hearts 2: Covenant is the best game as far as recent RPGs are concerned (which I'm not going to argue), I have to say Star Ocean: Til the End of Time is an excellent game as well. Of course, it doesn't have the humor and it surely borrows a lot of things from its PS1 counterpart, but hey, that's part of the appeal of the Star Ocean-series.

(He just sucks at Item Creation, that's why he doesn't like it!)

Of course, come Kingdom Hearts 2 next year, I wonder if he'll continue to say that.

Now if you excuse me, I have to go make sure I get to use the PS2 this time. If I don't, he'll end up using it and play SH2 for a couple more hours.

Severe Downtime

Sorry for the non-post but due to coming down with a flu for this past week, I was unable to post anything. In addition to that, my wireless connection for my laptop has been acting rather wonky for the passed few days. I haven't found the exact reason why as I have already done two reinstallations of the router software. Probably the weather? I dunno.

I managed to survive another Christmas, and with any luck this upcoming New Year I should be able to do so as well. It's not that I'm expecting bad happening but you never know. Besides I'm not really a fan of such festivities as I find them rather superfluous and a bit hypocritical on many.

Speaking of the said festivities, I have been off from my current work for about a week now. Due to curtailment issue, that is, the campus is closed and though we could work in our little offices there it will be butt-clenchingly cold, well, I've been sitting here at home just playing some games from my rather large backlog ( around 20). Next week should prove interesting as both it being a new working year (**not necessarily mind-numbing drugdery as others might see it), and that holidays are finally over. Let's see how people are going to be then.

Holiday Loot. Not many, but I did get what I wanted for Christmas so I'm happy. I got another big bookshelf, for my ever-growing DVDs and other kibble collection. In addition to that, some toys -- literally, like Transformers, videogames, and some clothes that are unfortunately, small for me, and lastly DVDs. We, children as far as our family is concerned, also get some Christmas money, and for this year, well, it's rather decent. I'm not going to complain since I'm already freakin' too old for this, but hey, it's free money. :P Free money is always good and can always be used to buy more DVDs. Hehehe.

Ooh, I also got a spanking new digital camera. As a present, I got the Olympus C-725 camera. It's not top of the line or anything, but it does the job fine as far as I'm concerned. With 24X zoom, I could live with it. And I got free memory for it too! ^_^

Time to take some pictures, yo!

See ya next year.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Ritsuko Okazaki's Serenade

There's only one word that could describe the late Okazaki's song, Serenade: MAGNIFICENT. This song is only seconded by her work on Fruits Basket's OP theme, "For Fruits Basket." Just like her previous works, the melody and the lyrics (from what I could understand of it) packs a lot of emotion behind it, that it gives a soothing aural ambience to the listener, regardless of familiarity with Ms. Okazaki's music. The transition from a semi-acapella to singing with background instruments is simply effective. I just love how the accompaniment drums compliments the beat of the entire melody.

At the moment, this song goes straight in my top 'must-listen-to' music. The others being Kiddy Grade's "Hoshizora no Yurikago", Kaleido Star's "real identity", and Bleach's "Asterisk". Yes, I still haven't grown tired of "real identity" yet, even after 5 months now. ;)

Unfortunately, for us R1 fans of Ms. Okazaki's music, the CD album won't be available til next February 2005. Oh well, I guess we could wait (of course, it's different story, if you have the mp3 version, where you can listen to it 24/7). The CD album can be ordered here : linkage.

Monday, December 20, 2004

This week's R1 haul orgy

Taking cue from the AOD forum's R2 JPEG Orgy:, 3 packages arrived today at my room (not my porch, since my brother makes sure to intercept my packages before my folks get it. ;) ) -- all of them from tRSI. Sadly, 3 is such a low number, as my top was 7. Anyway, without further ado, the first part of my December preorders have finally arrived -- consequently further increasing my backlog. This included :

Requiem from the Darkness vol. 2
Last Exile vol. 7

with the rest presumably shipping later this week, or next year (Oh well). Of particular interest, however, is that I managed to get the limited run of the 13-pc set of postcards drawn by Last Exile's character designer, Range Murata. I was pretty sure I wouldn't get it due to the late shipping and the limited count, and resigned myself to just getting it if I chanced upon it on a local B&M. Imagine my surprise.. I did get it (pics later). ^_^ Anyway, this set is really cool, as it showcases some high-quality art for some Murata fans (Of course, you could always get the artbooks, but in exchange your arm and leg would be duly required). LE fans, Murata fans or even pack-in whores shouldn't miss out on this one.

ROD TV vol. 4. I won't bother saying stuff about this particular volume as it's a real treat to the viewer (provided the necessary background to appreciate the show itself). As Fencedude of AoD forums have previously mentioned, it ends with an evil cliffhanger because of a particular character... Actually, from here on out, every single volume is like that. Combine this with the 'Geneon lottery', one just have to give great credit to Geneon's marketing scheme for this series to sucker in a lot of anime fans -- casual or not.

With Requiem, things get much more interesting and darker for the most part. I'm really starting to think this is an anime counterpart of Tales of the Crypt show but with a very pleasant and welcome twist --- an actual storyline.

The other two packages contained several manga volumes from a recent In-Stock sale, and a shipped copy of the much awaited (as far as R1 goes) second movie of Inuyasha. Course, I still say that the third movie rocks much more than the first two, but I digress.

Now to read some more manga..

Of vacations.

Well, today is the third day of my vacation since the Fall Semester officially ended..uh, three days ago. :D Two days passed by so quickly I feel I got rimmed badly. For some reason, I have no recollection of what the hell happened. Damn.. I want my 48 hours of life back.

On the bright side, I got my shopping done for Christmas, all except for 2-3 people. Freaking sale is killing my budget badly this holiday season. So much stuff to get, so little money to spare.. but lo and behold, the power of the mighty CREDIT CARD!!! hehehe.. Now to buy that digital camera I want, as well as some other stuff. :P

Oh, I attended several Christmas parties too over the weekend, and I'll try to get the pictures I took (using my brother's camera) uploaded later.