Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Bleach episode 15

* Note: Due to crappy setup and my funky computer acting up, I won't be able to get the pics up til this weekend.

Bleach 15. Interesting and crammed are two words that describe this episode. It's not a filler per se, but it's not a whole episode also. It's a combination of both. Basically, a simmering down of things that happened since the Quincy sub-arc, and a preparation for the upcoming Soul Society arc. Frankly, I just wish they had concentrated on the former so that it wouldn't have made the Kon-featurette seem out of place.

A word on the design and animation though. Animation is still high all throughout, and despite the color somewhat being a bit flushed out, the designs are still pretty consistent for the entire case. All except Orihime. She was actually fluctuating from a growth-spurting girl to a freakin' cow!!! [fanboys can be heard swooning in] I don't know if it's a joke of the episode alone, but Orihime's breasts were only second to Rukia's face, in terms of panning shots.

As for the Kon featurette, it's too bad that it was severely changed and reduced compared to the manga. We don't even get to see Chad chasing the poor guy. On the bright side, we get to see Kon by the end Rozen Maiden-style. LOL!


Blogger athena said...

Hm, I haven't read the manga portion of this, but after reading your review, I'd like to have seen it. Kon's one of my favorite characters. I really liked this episode overall tho.

January 19, 2005 at 8:28 AM  
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