Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Bleach episode 16

First part.. What the hell. Succeeding part til closing, kickass. They really should have opted out the angst part from Rukia. It didn't suit her at all. That and there's too much talking from the other Shinigamis. Good thing Ishida's ther to shut them all up. ^_^ Then he got beaten...

Bright side? Mood, episode setting, and animation are at an all-time high. Rukia's also like SailorMoon's Usagi. LMAO. Yes, I'm aware it's a code.

Downside ? Too much dialogue, and it all feels too familiar with other fighting anime shows, like Kenshin and Naruto. The whole transformation of Renji's sword was somehow out of place. Add this to the fact that you could get a sense of the rush from the production-side cramming and cutting a lot of stuff from the manga. Though I'm enjoying the anime itself as well as the manga, I don't know. I'm getting a deja vu aura (re: Tenjo Tenge) all of a sudden.

** patiently waits for the localized manga.

Fellow blogger Athena managed to obtain a copy of the new ending song for Bleach and translated it. Give it a look and read. It's very well done.


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