Monday, January 17, 2005

The R2 Onslaught. (i.e. the beginning of the end).

Remember when I said I was going to cut back? The good thing is I still am... as far as R1 purchases go. I've been R1-order free for a good 3 weeks now (Hooray for me! Hah!). The bad side, those supposedly saved funds are going to be diverted now on future R2 purchases. Looking at the current season, it appears it's going to be a hoozie. [cries] Fortunately enough, through the wonderful method of elimination, and other powers be, I have limited most of the items I want to the following:

- Bleach TV
- School Rumble TV
- Jinki EXTEND: the Animation
- XENOSAGA the Animation
- Mahoraba

Some of them haven't been listed yet, but you get the gist of which titles I'm going to be getting as far as the R2 is concerned. At the moment, my concern would be Bleach TV though. While it is theoretically the cheapest as far as per volume goes, it will most likely be the longest. Heck, rumors are already circulating it will be 13 volumes minimum. (Double gagging Ack!) As for the rest of the anime that I'm watching or expecting to watch, it's a wait-&-see deal.

I would still want to get Tsukuyomi and Rozen Maiden though, but those two cost a mighty arm and leg. [cries]


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