Saturday, February 05, 2005

The much delayed post...

After 1+ week hiatus, I'm finally able to post again in this thing. Y'know the deal, school + work = less anime viewing time. Though it may seem to have hampered my viewing sessions, I'm glad it happened. In a way, a breather was required for my part, what with the deluge of R1 DVDs I ordered from last year that I am slowly but surely reducing in size (just finished the underrated and often ignored Black Heaven and the first volume of Kino's Journey), as well as the still torrenting (hah!) wave of what's currently on in Japan (well, what I'm viewing anyway).

Just by looking around, looks like a lot has happened as far as the new shows are concerned. Bleach managed to pick up now. Xenosaga Animation is getting it's DVD release in April, and a lot of mysterious convoluted stuff is happening in My-HIME. Jinki EXTEND got a lot better too, from what other blogs are showing!! I guess it's time to do a marathon now. -_-

Xenosaga. As far as this anime goes, someone confirmed it that it's going to run only for 12 episodes. DVD version is to come out on Apr. Go check CDJapan for the actual release details. While I'm a heavy fan of the line, I'm having some serious doubts now as to how the anime is beind dealt with. First episode showed incredible promise, that while there were some significant changes, it catered to every fanboy's delight. Sure, we see some annoying cowlicks or that KOS-MOS used her special weapon too early on, nonetheless, it was animated good and it was really cool to hear some of the original seiyuu reprise their game counterparts here. But come the subsequent episodes, I can only ask, "what happened?" Things really got off-model, and not animated correctly. It's as if there were the same instances with the aired version of Bakuretsu Tenshi or the sudden nose-dive of Vandread's second episode (well, at least the CG remained intact). We're already at episode 5, and there's still no sign of improvement. KOS-MOS and Momo are two of the known characters that really get off-modeled. Junior is slowly joining their ranks as well...

With the DVD version coming and at a staggering price of $180 for the first box (contains 6 episodes), I'm not sure if I should buy it or not. That's almost the same price as getting the limited edition of Xenosaga Episode II. At least with that one, there are figures included. (Note: If you do the math, Xenosaga Animation boxset actually comes out cheaper than, say individual School Rumble DVDs).

Speaking of figures, my BLEACH figure (Kon and Rukia) along with the Fujisawa Yayoi (Stellvia) figure finally shipped from HLJ. Ichigo is still being held hostage for undisclosed reasons.. [cries]. In addition, it looks like there's a new set of gashapon set that's coming out probably in April. A search in ebay and Hobby Search turned up the results. IMO, this set looks more promising than the previous one.

My A!MG Terzetto figures have also arrived but with a very significant incident. Once I'm finally resolved the matter with the seller, I'll get the pics up for this set.

School Rumble. I'll have to drop this one from my viewing pile. Why? Because I'm getting the R2 release anyway. True that I'll end up waiting for a while til I see the next episode (uh, I think 17?) but then again, it works to my advantage. By not seeing it, the anticipation level increases. Besides, I'm doing my part to support our Japanese brothers' industry. Hmm.. still have to pick up Eri's OST.

By the way, pick up Starship Operators from Amazon JP. Not only is it an excellent show, first volume DVD is pretty cheap too. Of course, it's probably a ruse to sucker you in (much like School Rumble 1), but hey, it's an excellent show.

Did I mention that I got my computer fixed? Now I can take screencaps once again! ^_^


Blogger Ten said...

You've got Black Heaven. I'm envious. ^_^ It's somewhere in my wishlist but I tend to forget about the title when it comes to actual purchasing.

February 7, 2005 at 3:16 AM  
Blogger bakaboobie said...

It's a good show, much to my surprise. Definitely a weird one at that, since it's a show of middle-aged men as the unlikely heroes instead of whining teens.

Oh, and the OP rocks too! Much more so the song that they use in the last episode. ^_^

February 10, 2005 at 9:45 AM  
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