Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Bleach episode 16

First part.. What the hell. Succeeding part til closing, kickass. They really should have opted out the angst part from Rukia. It didn't suit her at all. That and there's too much talking from the other Shinigamis. Good thing Ishida's ther to shut them all up. ^_^ Then he got beaten...

Bright side? Mood, episode setting, and animation are at an all-time high. Rukia's also like SailorMoon's Usagi. LMAO. Yes, I'm aware it's a code.

Downside ? Too much dialogue, and it all feels too familiar with other fighting anime shows, like Kenshin and Naruto. The whole transformation of Renji's sword was somehow out of place. Add this to the fact that you could get a sense of the rush from the production-side cramming and cutting a lot of stuff from the manga. Though I'm enjoying the anime itself as well as the manga, I don't know. I'm getting a deja vu aura (re: Tenjo Tenge) all of a sudden.

** patiently waits for the localized manga.

Fellow blogger Athena managed to obtain a copy of the new ending song for Bleach and translated it. Give it a look and read. It's very well done.

Sunday, January 23, 2005


In my attempts to fix my machine, suffice to say it's more messed up than before. Now it has lost its DVD viewing and CD burning capabilities as well.. Piece of shit. Well, off to the repair center for this one. Good thing it's still under warranty.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Bleach episode 15

* Note: Due to crappy setup and my funky computer acting up, I won't be able to get the pics up til this weekend.

Bleach 15. Interesting and crammed are two words that describe this episode. It's not a filler per se, but it's not a whole episode also. It's a combination of both. Basically, a simmering down of things that happened since the Quincy sub-arc, and a preparation for the upcoming Soul Society arc. Frankly, I just wish they had concentrated on the former so that it wouldn't have made the Kon-featurette seem out of place.

A word on the design and animation though. Animation is still high all throughout, and despite the color somewhat being a bit flushed out, the designs are still pretty consistent for the entire case. All except Orihime. She was actually fluctuating from a growth-spurting girl to a freakin' cow!!! [fanboys can be heard swooning in] I don't know if it's a joke of the episode alone, but Orihime's breasts were only second to Rukia's face, in terms of panning shots.

As for the Kon featurette, it's too bad that it was severely changed and reduced compared to the manga. We don't even get to see Chad chasing the poor guy. On the bright side, we get to see Kon by the end Rozen Maiden-style. LOL!

School Rumble 16

Girl gang goes to remote location. Guys crash in. Yakumo and Harima do a 1-1 this time. Awesome. More misunderstanding, partially thanks to Tenma.. ^_^ After that, some minor revelations were made.

I have to admit the calibre presented by the last two episodes had me a bit wanting for more of the same story quality and feeling (They just had to tease us, didn't they?). Too bad, they reverted to do more gags instead. More Yakumo & Eri this time around, and still no Akira. [sigh] Or Itoko [double sigh].

On the bright side, got to love Jubei-chan Eri Sawachika. ^_^

Monday, January 17, 2005

The R2 Onslaught. (i.e. the beginning of the end).

Remember when I said I was going to cut back? The good thing is I still am... as far as R1 purchases go. I've been R1-order free for a good 3 weeks now (Hooray for me! Hah!). The bad side, those supposedly saved funds are going to be diverted now on future R2 purchases. Looking at the current season, it appears it's going to be a hoozie. [cries] Fortunately enough, through the wonderful method of elimination, and other powers be, I have limited most of the items I want to the following:

- Bleach TV
- School Rumble TV
- Jinki EXTEND: the Animation
- XENOSAGA the Animation
- Mahoraba

Some of them haven't been listed yet, but you get the gist of which titles I'm going to be getting as far as the R2 is concerned. At the moment, my concern would be Bleach TV though. While it is theoretically the cheapest as far as per volume goes, it will most likely be the longest. Heck, rumors are already circulating it will be 13 volumes minimum. (Double gagging Ack!) As for the rest of the anime that I'm watching or expecting to watch, it's a wait-&-see deal.

I would still want to get Tsukuyomi and Rozen Maiden though, but those two cost a mighty arm and leg. [cries]

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Describing the AoD forums...

I'd post it here, but it would be space-hogging. So I'll just link it to my text file.

Enjoy wingednike's work. It's a classic.

Pretty much, the later half of the poem sums it up for the rest of us who frequent the AoD forums. Scary, isn't it..?

Xenosaga the Animation : Episode 02

Let's see.. How to begin, without spoiling it? Albino psycho goes off loli-napping while Elfen Lied-massacre occurs. Hated traitor begins his agenda.. all the while KOS-MOS awakens, then proceeds to kick ass in the most awesome way (with scenes reminescent of the game, of course ^_^ ). If you've seen how she did it in the videogame, then yeah.. !! FANBOY!!! Racist bastard didn't die though.. why?!

All in all, this was a VERY fun episode with a lot to offer the fanboys' appetite. Of course, that goes to saying, it has a lot to offer to have it hated too.. Anyway, KOS-MOS was awesome. Only gripes are that her lines are somewhat forced and stilted. Hopefully this will change in the future episodes. Another thing is that the character animation/designs for this episode took a dive. This is especially noticeable at the last few minutes where KOS-MOS meets up with the scrappers. But.. aside from that, it was fun.

Toohoohoo. Toohoohoohohoo... :P

MS Negima TV 02

[screencaps to be posted later]

I have no idea why I'm watching the second episode of this show, when I said I'll pass on it. Probably because I'm at least expecting some yuri with Kotoko and Se-chan. Anyway, this episode moved along rather slowly and followed the rest of the vol. 1 of the manga (in case you're following the manga)..and that's about it. Sadly we don't get to see any visible fanservice, other than having Asuna's clothes get ripped off off-screen.

What's with the cowlicks though?

Oh,Negi's sister. Hot! At last a redeeming point.:D

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Here's an interesting useless trivia I noticed today. As of Dec 2003, my DVD collection was at 156. One year later, it was at 434....

That's freakin' 175% growth in just a freakin' year! And that was even after severely cutting down in the last two months of 2004. [stun] ~_~... I'm gonna cut back for now. This time, it's for real! (looks at R2 Pre-orders.. Aww..@!$#^%")

Besides, I'm off to figures now (gee, another hobby-weight to shoulder [ugh!]). :P Thanks to Narob, I was able to finally decide and purchase the AMG! Terzetto figurines. They're really nice, despite costing quite a penny. Ah well, it's all good. :) Can't wait.

School Rumble 15

The (implied)two-parter continues with this episode as Tenma tries to reconcile Mikoto and Eri..only with Mikoto having some other problem to worry about. Harima reconsiders his manga submission, but ends up being harrassed by Eri and then sortied by Yakumo-obsessed-boy. Hmm.. that's about it, really. Mikoto had her moments in this episode and it was really enjoyable to watch it.

On a side note, this episode had more (static) bounce than the beach one. They even managed to use one of Sawachika's Character CD songs. Nice touch there! And guess what, who would have thought...


An interesting trend though, as SR progresses, it is beginning to lose its random titling for upcoming episodes and is starting to be more coherent.

Hmmm.. Eri, Yakumo, and Mikoto are done. That leaves us with Akira next.. though Itoko would be nice.